Ultralite XL Game Bags

Ultralite XL Game Bags


These are our original game bags.


The perfect blend of size, strength, and weight to hold a boned out bull.


These are the bags used by Lampers, Gritty, and many others.


A set synthetic game bags that can each hold 50+lbs of deboned meat.  They all compress into one integrated stuff sack. Available in a (5-8) set of bags. These bags are 14"x33" in size and a hair over 1oz each. These are ideal for big bulls, or those not worried about one extra ounce.


High Visibility - Can be used to mark kill site or meat cache.  Added assurance from another hunter's stray bullet on the pack out. These bags have also been used to mark blood trails and signal in mule deer hunters.


Rapid moisture transport - Within minutes, these bags will be soaked with moisture from your meat, giving you maximum time between quartering and refrigeration.


Compact - Compressed size is slightly bigger than a man's fist; keeping your pack roomy.


Ultralite  - At 7.5oz for the (6) bag set and 9.5oz for the (8) bag set, these are the cheapest pounds you can shed off your gear list.  Further saving weight, we often carry all our food in one of the bags, eliminating a seperate food storage bag.


An (8) bag set of this XL version will guarantee you are able to fit a large, lower 48, Roosevelt bull.


MADE IN USA - Made in Missouri. Made by Americans. Made using US components.



Color: Orange
  • Care Instructions

    Upon recieving, open integrated stuff sack and pull all individual bags out.  Remove rubberbands and set aside.  Fill the sink with warm water and a gentle detergent.  Soak and kneed all bags in warm soapy water for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Hang by drawstring to dry.  Prewashing these bags before initial use removes any fabric manufacturing contaminates, human germs, and increases bag breathability.


    For maximum bag life:


    Do not drag bag on ground, ever.

    When hanging bag up with meat in it, do not let it rub/poke against trees or branches. 

    Hang bag in shade only, this preserves fabric material, as well as your meat.

  • Refunds/Returns

    We will replace bags that have manufactured defects.  Wear and tear damage will not be refundable.  With proper care and consideration these bags will last a long time, see "Care Instructions".