Can I use your gamebags for bone-in meat?

The Ultralite and Ultralite XL game bags are for boneless meat only. 

The HD Game Bag (COMING SOON) is meant for bone-in meat, hides, claws, and anything else you want to transport.

*You can transport bone-in meat in the Ultralite series, if you have no bones protruding from the meat, except out the top of the bag.  An example of this: you have a deer rear quarter, hip socket down into the bottom of the bag and surrounded by meat, this puts the shank up and out of the bag.*

I have another set of game bags that is cheaper and can hold bones, why can't yours?

Backpacking equipment can have the following attributes: lightweight, quality, durable, and cheap.  You can't have them all, and you especially can't have them all when you want the lightest gear. Our products are made in USA, by Americans, using as many American components as available. Our products are as light as possible while retaining the quality and durability needed for consistent use.  Just ask Ryan Lampers, @Sthealthyhunter, how many animals he put in one set of game bags in a year!